The parameters of the status are determined by the following formula:
(base species value + correction value due to NFTizing)✕{(level+50)/100}✕{1+(personality value/A)+(potential value/B)} × feature correction × factor of each parameter.
▼ Details
Correction value by NFT-ization: 25,45,70,80,90 (variable according to SOULs' grade)
Level: 1 to 100 (Min to Max)
Personality value: 0-7500 (Min to Max)
Potential value: 0 to 15,000 (Min to Max)
└Up to 15,000 per parameter; maximum potential value that can be assigned to one SOUL is 30,000
A: 50000 (Fixed)
B: 50000 (Fixed)
Feature correction: 80,100,120 (variable according to SOUL features)
Factor of each parameter: "5" for HP and SP, "3" for all other parameter calculations.

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