Welcome to the “SOUL Fusers” world!

"SOUL Fusers" is a "Web3 User Co-creation Type IP Creation Project" planning to release its first game in August 2023. Centered on the activities of monsters called "souls", the project aims to create various content such as games and comics together with users.
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What are the SOULs?

”SOUL" refers to the monsters that originally inhabit the SOUL realm. Each SOUL has a core as its physical entity.
Normally, only SOUL with extremely strong power or special abilities can move to the human realm. Even if they can go there, their actions are limited to a short period of time.
However, it seems that a certain "major incident" has led to many SOULs appearing in the human world as well…
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What is the first Web3 game "SOUL Fusers"?

SOUL Fusers is a new type of Web3 game in which players acquire monsters called SOULs that live in a different world and battle against other SOULs. A SOUL has an underlying core and when SOULs engage in combat, their cores connect and influence each other. You can participate in the game with SOULs of various natures and even win DEAPcoin depending on the results.

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