Market Place

PlayMining NFT

SOULs that have been SOULfused (NFT-ized) can be traded on PlayMining NFT (URL). The status and anima values in the game will be carried over.
We refer to the primary sale from the operator to the user on the Marketplace as OFFICIAL STORE, and the sale between users as USERS.
Payment with DEP and FIAT is available for purchase on OFFICIAL STORE. Additionally, payment with DEP is available for USERS.
If a trade is completed on USERS, the company will receive 3% of the transaction amount from the seller and 3% from the buyer as marketplace fees.

In-game marketplace

We plan to set up a marketplace in the game in the fall of 2023.
It is linked to PlayMining NFT, and basically the same form of trading is possible, but it will be possible to sort more finely.

SOUL COIN (temporary)

At the in-game marketplace, users can trade OFFICIAL NFTs with DEAPcoin or FIAT, and USERS NFTs with DEAPcoin.
Furthermore, after the planned update in winter 2023, it will be possible to trade data such as skill acquisition items and rods.
In the case of item trading, the buyer can consume DEAPcoin or FIAT, and the seller can obtain SOUL coin (temporary) corresponding to the sales amount. SOUL coin (temporary) can be collected and exchanged for NFTs and items.

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