“Web3 User-Producer IP Co-Creation Project” .1  

SOUL Fusers is a “Web3 User-Producer IP Co-Creation Project”. We will create new IPs together with the user community, utilizing various methods that leverage the Web3 technology.
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What does it mean to "create an IP" in the first place?
The most familiar example would be the development of various IPs such as manga being adapted into animation, movies, and related games and toys.
Since adapting into animation etc. requires a huge budget, it is common for a "production committee" to be organized to share the costs, and for each company in the committee to share the priority rights and revenue.
However, in the case of super-large media companies overseas, one company may bear all the costs and monopolize the rights.
On the other hand, there is also a form where ordinary people, not companies, create IPs.
For example, due to the increasing number of 'posting' services on SNS in recent years, there are more opportunities for individuals to publish self-made comics and video works.
There is also a movement for companies to cooperate and expand those works on a larger scale.
Furthermore, the development of various tools due to the evolution of AI has shown the possibility of production on a scale that could only be done by companies in terms of resources.
The popularity of individual-made works is expected to continue in the future.
Having said that, until now, there have been few examples of companies and individuals (or users) cooperating from the launch of the IP.
Even for the case mentioned above, at the time when the IP was born, companies were not involved in the development of individual works, so it cannot be said that individuals and companies launched the IP together.
There are some NFT projects that use a DAO-like approach where companies issue the initial NFTs and entrust the development to the community, but there have been few successful IPs using this approach so far.

“Web3 User-Producer IP Co-Creation Project” .2

In this project, "SOUL Fusers" will take an approach of user-producer co-creation.
To explain it more concretely, we define all users as creators. There is no need for them to be able to draw illustrations or write texts like a professional.
This part is different from the IP created from individual production that we mentioned earlier. What we aim is to create a form where everyone can participate without any special skills, just with their ideas and imagination.
For example, if you submit a simple illustration, our illustrators will use it as a base and guarantee the quality that can be used for IP development.
The original SOUL submission and naming that we are already implementing is one of those approaches, and we plan to explore more ways for everyone to participate easily in the future.
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We believe that the number of "User-Producer IP Co-Creation" will continue to increase in the future, and this project was born during this transitional period.
Therefore, we think that it is our responsibility as a company to provide the engine at the beginning. Specifically, for example, in the game to be released this summer, many SOULs created by users will appear. But we have announced the number of SOULs we have created before recruiting users' original SOULs.
This is because we thought that it would be easier for users to come up with ideas if they had something to refer to, such as taste and worldview.
We are also currently in the process of creating comics of SOULs.
Using the same approach, we will provide a base story first so that users can expand their ideas about various stories.
After the release, all SOULs will basically be born from user ideas, and we also want to create side stories and background stories of each SOUL together with users.
In this way, in "SOUL Fusers", we will take a process of gradually shifting the weight of creation to the user's imagination while involving users from the beginning in the "User-Producer Co-Creation" format.

Revenue Sharing with Users

Another important point is the system of properly distributing revenue sharing according to contributions of the users.
As an initiative already in place, each NFT is set up with revenue sharing for the users who contributed to the creation of the SOUL (such as those who came up with the original SOUL and those who named it).
This automatically and semi-permanently grants revenue sharing from the SOUL NFT to those who contributed to its creation.
To be honest, we considered setting a higher rate for the revenue sharing, but due to the large costs to the company for the initial launch, we have set the current rate.
We hope to gradually increase the share percentage for our users by changing this portion as the project progresses.
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In addition to what we have already explained, there are already collaborations and product launches that we are currently working on as business alliances.
Here as well, we are gradually introducing a form in which users can also be involved. Specifically, we would like users to introduce us alliance partners, and when a deal is concluded and goods or NFTs are sold, we will provide revenue sharing according to their contribution.
The "SOUL Fusers" team is composed of members with long experience in the entertainment and IP industries.
Our partner companies also have many achievements. Therefore, you can be assured when it comes to starting the engine of the project and materializing the ideas of all our users.
That being said, since these are all first attempts, there may be some bumps on the road. We would be grateful if you could support us in such cases and enjoy this adventure together. Now let's all jump into the new world of "User-Producer Co-Creation"!