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In the mysterious setting of Fusion World, where enigmatic creatures dwell, the arrival of visitors known as “SOULs” caused the “Great Calamity”. The mystery and conspiracy surrounding Fusion World and SOULs are kept secret from the public by the Japanese government and the Agency for Abnormal Weather Countermeasures.
Seven years after the Great Calamity, Riku Amaki, a boy who lost his parents and suffered severe injuries in the disaster, becomes involved in an incident at the Agency for Abnormal Weather Countermeasures. It is there that he encounters SOUL Ember and reunites with a girl named May, who had saved him seven years ago. May is a “SOUL Handler” who can wield great power by making a contract with SOULs. Thus begins the adventure of Riku and May
Note: The story of SOUL Fusers will unfold not within the game, but in the comic adaptation currently under production.
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